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Company Background

We bring indulgence to a new level with individually crafted itineraries, curated experiences, and exclusive options. We take pride in specially tailored, one-of-a-kind experiences that encompass every possible need and want.

These problem-solving skills combined with local experience and the right contacts, allow our clients to relax and get ready for the vacation at ease.

As a helping hand when you travel to a new destination, our travel concierges can give you the peace of mind and feeling of safety that you deserve on your private tour.

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What Makes Us Unique

Premium Service & Expert Travel Management

Going The Extra Mile & Providing Extra Care

Insider Deals & Unbeatable Prices

Real People Instead Of Online Engines

Complex Itineraries & Multi-Airline Flights

Corporate Travel Management Services

Experienced Team with 12+ Years of Knowledge

After Hours Support Until You Return

Flexible Tickets & Best Prices Guaranteed

Meet The Founder

Uganda, fondly named The Pearl of Africa, with its serene intact beauty, and amazing biodiversity, has all it takes to make your heart skip a beat, it’s a “love at first sight” affair.

During your journey to dive in search of this pearl, you need a competent, experienced, and very caring companion, this is when Voyager Global Solutions stands out, offering you a one-stop travel solutions shop.

Sarina Carrasco is the visionary and founder of Voyager Global Solutions, she is at the helm of this new industry, one that is proving to be a game-changer in the travel experience. With over 20 years of experience in the Aviation Industry which includes Emirates Airline and other travel-related industries, she has the expertise and drives to bring a unique travel experience to voyagers, from the moment they leave home, to the moment of return.

In a challenging world, people strive to make the most of their holidays, and added value for their money, and something to write home about, it’s here that Voyager Global Solutions will assist in carving the best recollections on your wall of memories, this is where and when dreams come true.

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