Experience rich flavours through gastronomy travel

Gastronomy tourism or culinary tourism or food tourism is the exploration of different food items as the main purpose of travel. It is believed to rank alongside climate, accommodation & scenery amongst tourists.

Gaining new food experiences

Gastronomic tourism is based on visiting food producers, food festivals, restaurants & special places in order to taste special types of food. It also involves learning how the food is prepared or how to eat particular types of food.


  • What is gastronomic travel?

    Gastronomy travel, also known as culinary travel or food travel is the exploration of different types of food. It involves visiting food producers, food festivals, restaurants or special places in order to taste and experience this food.
  • What is the purpose of gastronomic travel?

    This form of travel is ranked next to climate, accommodation & scenery and is considered a very vital form of travel. Its main purpose is to visit new places and experience how special foods are prepared, the different ways the foods are eaten and to also taste this new food.
  • What are the results of gastronomy travel?

    One gains immense experience about the food that exists in different parts of the world. This includes meeting food producers, learning how the food is prepared, and also going home after having tasted the special foods in that location.
  • For whom is gastronomic travel?

    Anyone who is a real foodie, who loves experiencing the different foods that exist around the globe, to learn the different methods these foods are prepared can opt for this travel package.

Ready to experience new tastes?

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